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article 2016-05-15 13.50.43 When we set out to record our music we had only been back together for about six months. That was just long enough for us get get back into playing and writing songs together again.  Most of the original songs we were playing at that time had been written by each of us individually, previous to our getting back together.

zithromax cost cvs Our first recording was Crab Cave, which Jon had written a few years back.  At that time we hadn’t really thought about an overall sound and we were just happy to be together and playing music.  After we finished recording Crab Cave we took it to some local musician friends to give a listen and get some feedback.  They really liked the song and said that music with a surf vibe like Crab Cave, along with other songs that complemented that sound, would work really well.  As it turns out, the songs we were bringing into the group, and those we were writing together, were starting to fit together and give us a nice foundation.

“What we are doing is bringing back, through music, that good feeling of fun that we felt growing up in Southern California”

As time went on we fell into a groove and our musical  identity and the shape of our sound was finding its way into our recordings.  We really started to embrace what we were calling the SoCal Sound.  Now, I do realize that there are many opinions on what “SoCal Sound” means, but what we are identifying with is the rock, pop and alternative styles of the 60s, 70s and 80s. What we are doing is bringing back, through music, that good feeling of fun that we felt growing up in Southern California.

As we have written more, our style has organically grown and has become more coherent. We will continue to define our place in the soundosphere, but for now we are happy with what we have come up with, and hope others enjoy it too.

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  1. I completely agree Sir Brian. Well put! We are having a lot of fun and it comes out in the sounds of our music. It also helps that we can enjoy what we are doing and you have such a great ear for mastering the recording of what we do!

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