Heya, my name is Kent Lawrence. Back in my high school days
I got the nickname KaMeL. It is based on my initials and it kinda
stuck with me. I grew up in San Diego and have lived here in
SoCali all my life.

My musical influences are many and varied.
From John Fogerty and CCR to the Moody Blues,
Pink Floyd to the Beach Boys and the Beatles.

I am the keyboardist in the band. I took classical music lessons
for many years as a youngster. This gave me the ability to read and write music.
I also play some guitar and bass.
Along with Jon and Brian I also write the lyrics to our songs.

This is the place I am gonna play around in….
I just might post some stuff that interests me

(click on the images below for full size)


A painting by Jon for me

Brian J Baxter - 2015 Photo Walk-5

A photo from Brian’s work


I took this one at sunset
Looks like a painting

A pic of us taken by my son

A pic of us taken by my son


Another painting by Jon
“Blue wave”

Brian J Baxter - Birds in Flight in Del Mar

Another photo by Brian