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Q: What is your style of music?
A:  We call our style SoCal Rock-Alternative-Pop.  It is 60’s, 70’s and 80’s influenced with a healthy dose of surf.

Q:  What is the “high” in A New High?  What are you referencing here?
A:  Music.  Our high is the natural and moving high of creating and listening to music.  Want us to give a listen to what you have created?  Contact us, we’d love to hear your stuff too!

Q:  Why are you A “New” High?  What happened to the “old” high?
A;  Way back in the day the three of us were in a band call High Street, which was named for a famous street in the town that a few of us in the band High Street grew up and lived it.  On High street there was (and still is) The World Famous Lips Rock that had started to become a landmark when High Street was formed (more info here).  If memory serves “The Lips On High Street” was a serious consideration for a name, but it ended up being too long.
High Street was a five-piece band and we performed cover songs and original tunes, too.  A select few of the originals songs we wrote at that time have found their way back into our lives and recordings.