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Our first Video!

Go to YouTube and put in A New High Beach Break to see it, like it and share it!

I have a lot to say
In so many different ways
But there is something eluding me

From ‘I Wish I Could Tell You’
A New High

Is Monday too far away from Humpday?

Not if you’re into rearranging and EQing the studio. Mmmmmmm studio…

Tracks on Saturday

The guys had to survive my repeated attempts at singing. What was funny was when Kent needed to leave it tuned me in and the track was nailed. Pressure reaction!?! Maybe!


As a long time tradition and continuing adventure the music has found ways to evolve and flourish on hump days. Last night being like it’s magic, Brian was putting melody to what’s going to be a fun tune.

Perfect day for pics and always a good day for tracks.

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