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A New High Releases Their Second Sample Mix

We are excited to announce the release of our second three-song sample mix.  The three songs in the sample are Red Tide, Sleep Awake and Make Up Your Mind.  Let us know what you think by leaving a message on our website, or on Facebook.

NEIN – A Riotous Trio

Check out this tune from our friends, the band NEIN.  These are great guys who incite dancing as well as riots.  This trio IS a riot!

Check them out on Facebook too.

Coming Soon – Beach Break

Beach Break Coming Soon!

Beach Break Coming Soon!

New Song “Sleep Awake” Coming Soon

Sleep Awake

Sleep Awake

Another Busy Week


Painting by Jon

It has been a busy week for the band. We started recording two new songs and did a bunch of behind the scenes work to help us be able to share our music and connect with the friends and family of A New High.  Kent has also been working on album art using some of Jon’s artwork.

We also released our first sample of music, which had a good number of listens.  Many thanks to all that took the time to go into SoundCloud to give it a listen. We have since worked out how to make it easier to listen to the SoundCloud files.  Check it out here.

The next few days we will be heading back into the studio to continue recording and working on the next sample release. We hope everyone has a great week, and kids, don’t forget to call your mother on Sunday.

New Sample Release Today!

Hi All!  We just released a sample of three songs from our upcoming album.  Check them out in the player below.

If you would like to help us to finish our album you can purchase the sample from here




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